Meet The Founder

Jewelle Shelly, CEO/President (also known as Jewelle Simone) is a woman of strength, dignity, and integrity. She is an innovative, purpose-driven, mission-minded entrepreneur. She believes that her life experiences have pushed her into living a Purpose Driven Life. 

Jewelle started her first business venture as a full-service salon owner in 1999. Since that time, Jewelle has also owned/operated an online jewelry store, an all-natural handmade lip gloss collection, a child care facility and an annual Youth Summer Camp which she still operates.

Jewelle is the visionary behind The Networking Gala, LLC. (G.A.L.A. - Gifted And Lifetime Achievers). She believes that networking makes a tremendous impact on the success of your business/organization. She believes that so many people have a vision but lack the motivation, knowledge or resources. The Networking Gala is committed to being the platform that will help turn dreams into realities, aide in the success of established businesses, and through our Annual Networking Gala Event, provide an upscale environment where entrepreneurs can celebrate themselves, networking opportunities, showcase their business, and enjoy an elegant evening.

Jewelle is the owner and president of Signature Credit Solutions, LLC (SCS), a purpose-driven venture. She is a Board Certified Credit Consultant. With a combination of personal experience and education, she strives to help others recover from financial hardship. She is a doer and a believer; it can be done!

Jewelle Shelly is also the founder of Divine Favor Outreach Ministries (DFOM), a registered non-profit. DFOM is committed to spreading the Word of God and planting seeds that will draw souls to Christ. DFOM is also on a mission to be a blessing to many through numerous ‘give back’ efforts. This includes but is not limited to clothing the homeless on the street and providing toiletry bags throughout the year to local shelters. She is a mentor to the several ladies residing in a shelter through the City of Newark. She is destined to make a difference!

Jewelle is the proud mother of one daughter, Najae Ariana.